My 37th Post

The financial markets are getting the message from the Fed, company guidance and inflation that the United States and world economies will be slowing. The recent fiscal quarter shows growth is shrinking while inflation continues to rise – we call that stagflation. If another quarter shows the same, we’ll officially be in a recession … although at this time most economists aren’t forecasting that this year, but in 2023.

Unlike a normal recession when investors can hunker down, sell a few assets and plan for a rebound, this time the devalued dollar is likely to cause consternation as to what they should do. Dollars lose to inflation and most equities tied to a growing economy will fall just as did Amazon today $AMZN.

To make matters worse, the current Biden administration wants to double-down on their socialist bent, government spending and climate change focused agenda. About the only thing they haven’t gotten wrong is wanting to push through higher taxes (not that they don’t want to).