CIRP - Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Another attempt to try to include re-posted financial-advice marketing commentary from Contrarian Outlook to a personal Raspberry Pi server for archival and reading. What the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Means … Michael Foster, Investment Strategist Updated: March 16, 2023 The Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB) mess has demonstrated exactly why we need to invest in closed-end funds (CEFs): these funds yield 8.1% on average, giving us an income stream that can get us through market volatility, like we’re seeing now.

Tumbling Bank Stocks Raise Deposit Risk

This is a test post printing out a Markdown version of an emailed article using the Reader View extension for a web browser. It is only content for testing (thanks Jack) Tumbling Bank Stocks Raise Deposit Risks, and Yield a Few Bargains Jack Hough 7-9 minutes By one measure, bank stocks have given up a quarter-century worth of gains. Is that a buying opportunity for contrarian investors, or a sign that the group is broken?